Serving as your Poetry Ally

In this one-on-one process, we explore your inner landscape. Your guiding map will be a poem that rings true right now in your life. This could be a poem you have already chosen, or it might be one drawn from my database of more than 600 poems.

As your Poetry Ally, my intention is to open to and receive, as fully as possible, your singular presence, the gifts streaming from you and your unique expression of truth. The poem you choose to work with serves as the unfolding transformational path to help you reveal, enter into, and integrate more fully your ‘one wild and precious life.’ The focus is on self-discovery, not about memorizing or performing. My role is to guide the process by listening attentively, tuning into my intuition, and suggesting paths or vistas to deepen this inner exploration.

Practically speaking, the Poetry Ally engagement involves a commitment to four one-hour sessions, usually spaced about two weeks apart. These can be arranged in person or via Zoom or Skype. At the first session, we talk about what’s up for you in your life, and choose a poem that will serve as your soul’s guiding map through the process. During the remaining three sessions (and there could be more, if you wish), we delve into how you are meeting and responding to the poem, and what it addresses in your life. Often the process unearths profound insights and awakenings.

Cost: Sliding scale between $100 and $150 CAD per one-hour session for a minimum of four sessions.

To schedule, please contact me.

Mary Lou brings delightful playfulness and a deep love for people to the Poetry Ally sessions. By skilfully working the alchemy of poetry and soul, Mary Lou creates a space where the clarity one has been longing for inevitably arrives in a calming and powerful “ah-hah” moment. I feel very fortunate to have been blessed by her gifts.
Lynne Dee
… walking with you as my trusted guide is a gift. You are here with me at the right time Mary Lou and I am grateful for your ability to move me to the heart and yet appreciate my need for context and framing.
I unpetalled you, like a rose, to see your soul, and I didn’t see it. But everything around – horizons of lands and of seas –, everything, out to the infinite, was filled with a fragrance, enormous and alive.
~ I unpetalled you by Juan Ramón Jiménez, translated by Stephen Mitchell