Kim Rosen

I’m honoured to be a sponsor for Kim Rosen’s events in the Ottawa area. Here’s information on her upcoming offering, which offers an exciting opportunity to engage in transformational soul work.

Winter/Spring 2019

Together with colleagues Anne Wright and Jan Falls, who together with me have studied extensively with spiritual guide Kim Rosen, we are delighted to announce that Kim will be coming to Ottawa in 2019 to lead deep soul diving retreats.

“Kim teaches us that even now – in a time of grave danger, cynicism and terrible confusion – it is possible to live and to speak from the undefended heart…. Listen. Take heart.”

The primary ingredient of in all of Kim’s workshops and retreats is direct experience: poetry, music, movement, silence, and the wisdom of your own body, feelings, and deep knowing. With this alchemical mix, Kim’s soul work reaches deep into people’s hearts and minds, tilling the rich soil of what makes us fully human and at the same time reuniting us with the radiance of spirit. No previous experience either with poetry or Kim’s workshops is necessary; however, a free informational interview is recommended if you have not previously participated in one of Kim’s events. Please contact Jan Falls at if you would like to schedule one.

NEW! For 2019

Four Residential Gatherings (three weekends and a four-day retreat) in Almonte, Ontario
Weekends: Starting in 2019, Friday evening to Sunday afternoon: January 11 to 13; March 1 to 3; April 12 to 14
Retreat: Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon, May 29 to June 2

“Through this community we have experienced new forms of intimacy, compassion and creativity in ways we longed for but had never before known. We have been empowered to share who we truly are with each other, and the ripples spread far beyond our circle. We have tasted what is to be an agent of transformation.”

Are you feeling the call to immerse yourself in transformative inner work within the ongoing support of a community of kindred souls? Here is a rare opportunity to plumb the depths of who you truly are — from the grit of your humanness to the grace of your vastness — with Kim’s masterful guidance over the span of six months. In each of four in-person retreats we will explore a different theme:

Session One: What is the Soul?
Session Two: The False Self
Session Three: The Beast and the Beauty
Session Four: The Gift of Who You Truly Are

As Kim says, “These themes guide me through every moment of my life. They are my cathedral, my road map, the call that ushers me into the true sanctuary of my being.”

Between in-person sessions, optional homework offers wisdom teachings and questions for self-inquiry. As well, a private, secure and non-Facebook social media site allows continuous sharing and response to the homework offerings. Soul School extends an invitation to radical realness, self-inquiry and community that will at least disrupt who you think you are, and possibly leave you, as Mary Oliver writes, “a bride married to amazement.”

Weekends: Starting in 2019, Friday evening to Sunday afternoon: January 11 to 13; March 1 to 3; April 12 to 14
Retreat: Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon, May 29 to June 2, 2019
Location: New Life Retreat Centre, Almonte

Cost for the series (commitment required for the full series)
Early Bird Tuition: $2,670 CAD (Save $300 if you register by November 30, 2018)
Regular Tuition: $2,970 CAD from December 1 on
Lodging and food for all sessions: $1,680 CAD
Note: Costs include HST of 13%
Limited to 14 participants
To register, click SOUL SCHOOL. For more information, please contact Mary Lou van Schaik at

We are fashioned – as a tree, or a daffodil, or a horse – to become our true nature. Only humans have the option to struggle against that. Alignment with our true nature is the key to peace and happiness – and, as a side effect, service. My path and the one I offer to you, is simply the unwrapping of the shrouds of conditioning and history to reveal your natural, unique and mortal shining. It is not about destiny. It is about shape. It is about expression. It is about surrender. It is about service. It is about shining.
~ Shining by Kim Rosen