Here are some suggested resources to consider for your own Poetry Soul Walker’s backpack.

Books and Anthologies
Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words, by Kim Rosen. When I first read this book back in 2011, Kim’s eloquent invitation to use poems as a way of living into radical authenticity rang like a tuning fork in my heart. Since then, poems – and Kim – have led me into ever more deeper investigation of what it means to be fully human.

Good Poems, edited by Garrison Keillor. This is a rich anthology of poems, organized around themes of everyday life. Featured are mainly 20th century poems, with a generous sprinkling of works by masters such as Shakespeare, Dickinson and Emerson.

Poetry 180: A turning back to Poetry, edited by Billy Collins. I spent a month of mornings savouring the sweet-sour-spicy flavours in this anthology of highly accessible poems. Collins was inspired to focus on poems that young people could relate to, “contemporary poems which any listener could basically “get” on first hearing — poems whose injection of pleasure is immediate.”

Staying Alive: real poems for unreal times, edited by Neil Astley, along with its companion anthologies, Being Alive and Being Human. Astley opens his first anthology, Staying Alive, with “The best contemporary poetry is life-affirming and directly relevant to all our lives.” Whenever I am looking for a poem on a particular subject, chances are I’ll find at least half a dozen gems in one of these three books…but not before being drawn to explore side paths of wonderful poems.

Inspiring teachers
Kim Rosen  One of the most remarkable teachers I have ever met, Kim blends spoken poetry, music, movement and self-inquiry as the kiln for deep transformative work. I feel truly blessed to count her as my spiritual teacher. Kim is fiercely committed to living life with ‘fierce self-honesty’, and both models and teaches what it is to embrace life with our whole selves. Her life-changing work profoundly impacts followers world-wide. Explore Kim’s website for information on her many offerings and initiatives.

Unlock Pleasure with Madeline Dietrich  Madeline is a member of my Mystery School Tribe and a skilled and inspiring teacher in her own right. “These days I’m exploring the theme of aliveness through the lens of pleasure” she says. Madeline offers workshops on every dimension of pleasure “as a means…to embrace wholeness.”

Integral Coaching Canada  I became a professional life coach through the rigorous and compassionate training of Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine, co-founders of Integral Coaching Canada. It was in my coach training that I first encountered the power of poetry to speak the language of the heart.

Inspiring blogs
Sherry Galey  Many of the photos for the Poetry Soul Walker website were produced by the talented Sherry Galey. Her blog postings brighten even the bleakest day with gorgeous images, often enhanced by a poem or Sherry’s insightful reflections.

Heart Poems  A fellow Mystery School Tribe member, Jan Falls writes, reads, speaks and loves poetry. Every couple of weeks or so, she shares reflections on a poem that has touched her deeply. Her commentary often speaks directly to my own experience.

Writings from Wild Soul Another Mystery School Tribe member and an accomplished poet, Wendy Sarno offers deeply reflective observations on the world. Steeped in a reverence for the land, Wendy calls on us to think and act in ways that will leave a worthwhile legacy for future generations.

How to:

Post a recording For those registered in my programs, sometimes the homework asks you to post a recording.  If you’re using Soundcloud, please follow these instructions:

  1. Using an MP3 Recording device (iphone, smart phone, iPad, computer, etc.) make the recordings.
  2. Go to
  3. Open an account
  4. Follow the directions to upload the your .mp3 file and save it.
  5. Click on “go to your track”
  6. Click the Share button that looks like this (it’s tucked in between the “like” and “more” buttons.


7. When the Share dialog box comes up, copy the url, and paste it into a post on the Rendezvous Forum that pertains to your class.

If you’re using Dropbox, once you’ve uploaded your .mp3 file to your Dropbox account, click the ‘Share” button, and copy the link. Paste the link into a post on the Rendezvous Forum that pertains to your class.

Take the thickest socks. Wherever you’re going you’ll have to walk. There may be water. There may be stones. There may be high places you cannot go without the hope socks bring you, the way they hold you to the earth. At least one pair must be new, must be as blue as a wish hand-knit by your mother in her sleep. Take a leather satchel, a velvet bag and an old tin box– a salamander painted on the lid. This is to carry that small thing you cannot leave. Perhaps the key you’ve kept though it doesn’t fit any lock you know, the photograph that keeps you sane, a ball of string to lead you out though you can’t walk back into that light. In your bag leave room for sadness, leave room for another language. There may be doors nailed shut. There may be painted windows. There may be signs that warn you to be gone. Take the dream you’ve been having since you were a child, the one with open fields and the wind sounding. Mistrust no one who offers you water from a well, a songbird’s feather, something that’s been mended twice. Always travel lighter than the heart.
~ Packing for the future: instructions by Lorna Crozier