1. Mary Lou van Schaik

    Floating…and held

    This summer I was in the water a lot, just like my mother used to be. And, just like my Mom, I lay back in the water and floated. But unlike Mom, for whom floating was as natural as breathing, my floating was practically a miracle. For the first time...
  2. Mary Lou van Schaik

    Crossing the threshold

    June was my birthday month. This year was significant, as I crossed the threshold into a new decade, my 70s. The weeks leading up to the day found me preoccupied with the weight the number 70 carried. Already a long life, when compared to my Dad and my brother’s deaths...
  3. Mary Lou van Schaik

    The winter kid in me

    Not too long ago, on one of this winter’s bounty of fine days, my good friend Micheline persuaded me to try skating again—even though it’s been at least 15, if not 20 years since I last laced up a pair. In fact, I no longer own a pair of skates,...