1. Mary Lou van Schaik

    Crossing the threshold

    June was my birthday month. This year was significant, as I crossed the threshold into a new decade, my 70s. The weeks leading up to the day found me preoccupied with the weight the number 70 carried. Already a long life, when compared to my Dad and my brother’s deaths...
  2. Mary Lou van Schaik

    Content to be human and to shine

    In my small village, I am known as the local Poetry Troubadour, the person who speaks poems by heart. A curious thing happens when I speak poems, whether to one person or 100. All performance nerves vanish, and the poems flow through me without effort or self-consciousness. Even mistakes –...
  3. Mary Lou van Schaik


    Welcome to Soul Walker Poems. Each month, I post my reflections on a poem that I’ve been walking with, and taking to heart – a poem that is teaching me something about being human. I’d love to hear your comments.