Friend says to friend,
“Come for a walk.” You step across a threshold,
out into the day. Legs and feet lead you down a road, over a path, across a field,
into a forest. Who are the friends
who walk with you? Maybe sister, brother,
someone you’ve known since kindergarten, someone you met yesterday.
Maybe only your self. Maybe the walk draws you
inwards – into the fertile terrain of the soul.
Who walks with you then? Maybe… a poem. Come for a walk. Discover how poetry
can be soul company
as you journey inwards.
That each step may be a shedding. That you will let yourself become lost. That when it looks like you’re going backwards, you may be making progress. That progress is not the goal anyway, But presence, to the feel of the path on your skin, to the way it reshapes you in each place it makes contact, to the way you cannot see it until the moment you have stepped out.
~ Walking Blessing by Jan Richardson